What is GDPR?

As of May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect.  GDPR is a European Union data privacy regulation that consolidates and enhances existing regulations across the EU.

Even though this is regulated within the EU, it impacts business here in New Zealand. If your website offers goods or services to EU citizens it is important that you comply with the regulation changes.  The penalty for non compliance is $34 million NZD or 4% of worldwide revenue.


Google Analytics and GDPR

If you are collecting personal data such as email addresses, IP addresses, GPS locations, Cookie Identifiers or User ID's in Google Analytics it's likely you'll need to make some changes to your set up to ensure you are compliant.

Tag Audits

We also offer Tag Audits to ensure you are clear on what data you are tracking.

Services offered:

  1. Full documentation of all website tags and details of how they have been implemented

  2. Investigation into the corresponding tagged software companies and whether they are GDPR compliant

  3. Renaming and restructure of existing tags for clear visibility of what is being tracked

  4. Removal of non compliant tags on approval

  5. Privacy Policy review/update to comply with remaining tags